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Nature Research, the portfolio of our sister journals, has long supported preprint deposition of the originally submitted version of manuscripts, and actively encourages it since last year. [CDATA[// > [duplicate]. Authors are asked to provide the names and contact information for qualified scientific reviewers and they may request the exclusion of certain referees., DOI: Delivery of chemotherapeutic drugs in tumour cell-derived microparticles. Once the manuscript is published, the preprint will link to the published version. Nature Communications (Nat Commun) . Thank you for your question. Authors should describe the experimental protocol in detail, referring to amounts of reagents in parentheses, when possible (e.g. Please consult the appropriate nomenclature databases for correct gene names and symbols. It should also be used to highlight any potential issues such as related manuscripts currently under consideration in any other Springer Nature publication, as well as indicating whether you. How should I interpret a particular submission status? Also if one reviewers has recommended for rejection and one or two reviewers has endorsed the publication then editor weighs the comments of all the reviewers and then make the final decision. Remember to include a brief title and legend (incorporated into the file to appear near the image) as part of every figure submitted, and a title as part of every table. What does it mean? The manuscript was under review when it was showing 'all reviewers assigned' and when the status changed to 'under consideration' it means that reviews are back with her and she is discussing it with her collegues. Commun. For authors who opt-in, the posting will happen when our editors decide whether to send the manuscript for external review. Full disclosure: Editage Insights is a product of Editage, a global provider of world-class scientific communication solutions. Editing and proofreading services for a publication-ready manuscript, Customized service packs to match all publication needs, Expert help for all academic translation needs, My manuscript submitted to Nat. In addition, many are not native English speakers. How to deal with manuscript revisions?

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